Forum Title: Velvet stripe axminster installation
I installed some axminster velvet stripe today manufactured by a company called Ulster Carpets. The fad stage with strip is up and down and i look at the ones ive done just after fittng them and never saw the appeal if im honest. Any walls out of square it picks it up and outlines it that you cant help but see it especially on long landings as you walk along them and some look like bar codes minus the numbers !! I was supprised while fittng this carpet how nice it was to fit i also was looking at the colours in the stripes and admired the brightness and contrast only achieved with velvet. Ulster do a custom colour service and match pretty much any colour you can think of by adjusting the pigments in the dye this particular customer had the blue matched to her drapes and wall paper ulster will also do custom widths aswell up to a certain limit but comes at a price . Moral of the story first stripe I actually liked and one that in years to come will still look up to date and fresh unlike the cheap man made stripe carpets ive done lately that in a years time will look tatty . Its a shame I didn't get chance to vacuum it and then take pictures velvet always looks amazing when vacuumed and i think the stripe would of made me like it even more .
Category: Carpet Post By: MARTHA BAKER (Waltham, MA), 01/16/2019

Velvet stripe same pattern different custom colour This was the second room i did same carpet but different colour stripe again custom matched to soft furnishings. This colour green on first appearance is not to most people's taste and I thought it wasn't to attractive however once it was installed with the style and look of the interior it worked and suited it and added a subtle feature to the room without jumping out st you . Really nice carpet pleasure to fit and a very happy customer. Days like that make you really proud and the achievement you feel makes the hard work seem worth while.

- MARIE MITCHELL (Overland Park, KS), 05/03/2019

The thing is we see colors and patterns and think man that customer or decorator has a taste for sh.. and it is all in their mouth. But we don't usually see the finished picture. When the furnishings get put in it changes the whole picture to a work of art---most times. But the again someone has a taste for............................... Daris

- JOANNE GARRETT (Plano, TX), 05/09/2019

I did a rec room once with a dramatic stripe like that once. I was in the process of stretching it in when the designer walked in and said I would like the stripes the other way. I said it would have to be re-ordered as there was no way that would turn now. She said that if the owners don't like it they can order it again. We haven't gotten that call so its the right way, long ways.

- TINA SULLIVAN (Escondido, CA), 04/25/2019

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