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Any thoughts on Mohawks wear dated embrace carpet? We are replacing the carpet in our bedroom. There are no kids in the house, but we have a 100lb dog that sleeps on the floor in our bedroom. I am having trouble finding the carpet online and only saw it in one flooring store. Was told its an exclusive line and other retailers cannot get it??!!
Category: Carpet Post By: CLARENCE RUSSELL (Baltimore, MD), 02/06/2019

Mohawk may not like having their products sold through online dealers (etailers). You can find Mohawk carpet dealers in the Virginia area here. I'd like to help more, but you didn't provide any other information - your actual location or the name of the store you visited. To do that now, you will have to register as a member here at TFP. It's free, safe and only takes a few minutes. Jim

- ELSIE POWERS (Smyrna, GA), 03/08/2019

I'm not familiar with the style, Design Obsession but it looks like a decent carpet. But I am familiar with Wear Dated and it has a good reputation in the industry. However, Mohawk indicates it is only suitable for moderate to light traffic, like bedrooms. If your retailer says different, look for a new retailer. If you need something that will hold up to heavier traffic, Mohawk probably has something in the Wear Dated class that will work. I always liked 8# rebond pad. If you have pets, or toddlers that aren't potty trained yet, then a cushion with a moisture barrier on top is a good idea. Jim PS: Once our new forum software is installed, I can type MohawkFlooring and that member will get a notification and an invitation to participate in this topic.

- HARVEY STEELE (Plantation, FL), 04/26/2019

Sorry, I meant I was having trouble finding information and reviews about the Mohawk online. I am not looking to buy online. I am in the Charleston, SC area. I have a sample of the carpet and it just says Mohawk wear dated embrace Deliciously Daring III, color is crushed gravel. I will be honest and say that when I first went looking at carpets, I had no idea about all the different styles and fiber types. I really have no idea what this particular carpet is. The guy at the flooring store just said it is soft and will do well with our dog. I did get a quote of $1700 for 318 square feet, that's for ripping up old carpet and installing new, with an 8lb pad. That seems high to me for one room, but this is the first time I have ever bought carpet, so have nothing to compare to!!

- ROGER TORRES (San Mateo, CA), 04/12/2019

I'm checking with our Technical Services folks about Design Obsession and your intended application. If they don't get back to me today, they for sure will tomorrow. Thank you, Leo, for considering our products for your home and thank you, Jim, for providing your recommendations! Laura

- ALLISON DOMINGUEZ (Arlington Heights, IL), 05/13/2019

Is it a solid color or 2 colors twisted together?

- KELLY PAGE (El Cajon, CA), 05/16/2019

Heard back from our Tech folks. They reiterated the warranties you mention and also noted that the performance rating is 3.50. To contextualize that rating, I'll quote Jim and our website's description of this product's durability level: Best for moderate to light traffic areas, like bedrooms. I believe you have most of the info I got, so I'm sorry I don't have more to add! Laura

- JONATHAN FLORES (Chattanooga, TN), 04/08/2019

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